Compliance doesn't have to be difficult

Simplify and centralize your compliance efforts with the Unified Compliance Framework®
the only patented, industry-vetted compliance database framework.

Providing both structure (framework) and content (information database), and covering regulations for Information Technology, Physical Security, Records Management, Privacy, and Third Party Supply Chain, the Unified Compliance Framework unifies regulatory controls across all authority documents, so you can:

Create the Shortest List of Controls Possible and Still Meet Your Requirements
We show you where the overlaps are between Authority Document regulations so you can 
eliminate redundant compliance requirements.

Identify and Manage Regulatory Risk with the Least Waste of Time and Effort
Gain a single point of control over hundreds of complex regulations, requirements, and guidelines.

Reduce Risk, Increase Transparency, and Breeze Through Audits
Prioritize compliance efforts, and implement industry best practices effortlessly.

Cut Compliance Costs and Get a Big Return on Your Investment
UCF customers report a significant 40-50% reduction in compliance-related costs.

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