Information System Security Engineer (MD, Fort Meade), (Salary Not Disclosed)

November 5, 2018 | Job Postings

Amyx is seeking to hire an Information System Security Engineer in the Ft. Meade, MD area or Reston, VA area.

This position also has the potential to be remote but needs to be able to visit the site weekly in Ft. Meade, MD. ISSE will provide security engineering support to the customer Directorate. Provide security engineering to include technical reports, white papers, and briefings for the individual functional projects/programs under development or modernization as assigned by the government. Security engineering support consists of providing guidance in the cybersecurity process, participating in technical reviews/assessments and Technical Exchange Meetings (TEMs) that focus on the software/system design and the security design, participating in security - focused technical assessments, and providing expert advice on security questions.

Responsibilities and Daily Tasks:

  • Identify, document, and track IA requirements in the design of the capability.
  • Assign requirements based on data classifications and handling requirements, system capabilities, user access requirements, deployment environments, and Joint C2 Objective Architecture requirements.
  • Provide feedback on the STIG recommendations identified by the material developer.
  • Ensure that the developer understands the requirements and the proposed design is compliant with requirements identified in these STIGs.
  • Lead and conduct Security Engineering Reviews (SERs) for the purposes of verifying all IA aspects of the design and ensuring the developer understands the requirements.
  • Conduct analysis of software for risk assessment and approval into the software baseline (OSS, COTS, reuse of GOTS, freeware, shareware, mobile code).

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