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Who is ARMA International?

ARMA is the world's leading membership organization serving the professionals who manage and govern information assets.



Our Mission

  ARMA International is committed to providing our community of members and information management professionals with industry best practices and opportunities for professional development, ongoing education, and networking. 


Our Story

ARMA is the strongest community of professionals in the information management industry, providing educational resources and networking opportunities at home and around the world. When it comes to managing an organization’s vital asset – information, ARMA has the most comprehensive approach. We set the standards and best practices that address the full information lifecycle.


ARMA is focused on educating all records management stakeholders as to the role RIM can and should play in the GRC environment to make GRC efforts as effective as possible. A large percent of all GRC controls relate to establishing and maintaining control over some type of documentation or record, so it’s impossible to reach security, privacy, and risk goals effectively without managing the records first.

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Why do we partner with the UCF?

ARMA joined forces with the UCF to promote Records Information Management(RIM) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) interaction. The Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® (the Principles), developed by ARMA International are the established best practices of information governance and are often cited in case law. ARMA integrated the Principles into the Unified Compliance Framework (accessible through the Common Controls Hub) to help information governance, risk management, and compliance professionals deliver end-to-end records management services in their organizations. The integration of the Principles into the UCF facilitates complying with the Principles, and optimizes the interface between RIM and GRC. ARMA licensed the CCH for their global member base. If members subscribe to the CCH through ARMA, they will also receive a complimentary license to the ARMA Audit Questions and Controls Authority Documents, which they can include in their CCH Build Documents.

With this integration, ARMA members can:

check-icon Reduce the amount of effort needed to understand compliance requirements
check-icon Instantly create a set of Common Controls
check-icon Easily identify overlaps and gaps between RIM and GRC concerns
check-icon Use the attestation functionality to demonstrate compliance with the required controls
check-icon Add the ARMA Audit Questions and Controls to their builds
check-icon Reinforce the importance of RIM and GRC working together to create end-to-end records management


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