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September 7, 2017 | News/Articles

ARMA Partners with Unified Compliance to Promote RIM/GRC Interaction

ARMA is adding the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® (the Principles) to the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®) to facilitate compliance, and to promote end-to-end records management combining the skills of Records Information Management (RIM) and GRC professionals.

By adding the Principles to the Unified Compliance Framework, both RIM and GRC professionals will be able to identify overlaps and gaps in complying with the Principles. The Principles were published in 2009 and are often cited in case law.

ARMA and Unified Compliance are presenting a free webinar to discuss the benefits of this integration at 8 a.m. PDT/11 a.m. EDT on September 7, 2017

RIM and GRC Can Work Together to Reach GRC Goals

This integration will help to promote a closer working relationship between RIM and GRC professionals. Jocelyn Gunter, who assumed the CEO role of ARMA in April of 2017, has made educating records management stakeholders to the role RIM can play in the GRC environment a top focus.

“It can be difficult to illustrate the concept of this integration if an organization doesn’t recognize the importance of records management in daily operations,” Gunter says, “We want all stakeholders, including CSOs and CIOs, to understand that the information behind the records controlled by GRC is a critical resource to the organization.”

In fact, there is extensive overlap between the Principles and other Authority Documents with which GRC professionals must comply. Dorian Cougias, founder of Unified Compliance views the addition of the Principles as a big step forward. “A large percent of all GRC controls relate to establishing and maintaining control over some type of documentation or record,” he says, “It’s impossible to reach security, privacy and risk goals effectively without managing the records first.”

Attend a Joint Webinar to Explore the Benefits of Integration

A joint ARMA/Unified Compliance webinar is being held to discuss the benefits of this key integration. Gunter and Cougias will team up to present the webinar titled “How to Use the UCF to Optimize the Records & Information Management/GRC Interface,” at 8 a.m. PDT/11 a.m. EDT on September 7, 2017.

The webinar topics include:

  • Why ARMA developed and published the Principles to foster general awareness of information governance standards
  • The overlap between Records Information Management (RIM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) concerns
  • The importance of RIM and GRC working together to create end-to-end records management
  • How the integration of the Principles into the UCF will facilitate complying with the Principles and optimizing the interface between RIM and GRC

Who Should Attend

You should attend if you are a stakeholder in the information management arena, including IT, legal, privacy, security, risk/compliance, internal audit or a business unit that creates records that must be managed. You’ll find out how RIM and GRC can work together to create end-to-end records management.

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