July 26, 2019 | News/Articles

The Definitions Book: How to Spot Good Ones, and How to Write Even Better Ones!

Make your compliance life easier with clear and consistent term definitions: Learn how to write clear and consistent definitions for compliance terms, learn how to edit and review glossary definitions and help eliminate confusing and ...

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March 5, 2019 | News/Articles, Press Releases

Just Released: Unified Compliance Framework® Common Controls Hub® Integration with RSA Archer

UCF integration with RSA Archer supports the use of licensed UCF content to provide you with a consistent set of controls mapped to several regulatory standards and best practices.  Released at #RSAC2019: To read this ...

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February 28, 2019 | Webinar Announcements, News/Articles

Build a Better Audit and Risk Bridge Using the CCH®

You are dealing with ever-increasing compliance requirements. You need to connect existing policies to actual laws containing multiple standards, and evaluate your risks. What do you have to connect all these things together? The equivalent of ...

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November 7, 2018 | News/Articles

PCI DSS doesn’t equal Cybersecurity – But it sure helps!

The UCF Team has mapped NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework, version 1.1, to PCI DSS 3.2 as well as the testing procedures for PCI DSS 3.2. There is very little direct overlap between the two, so don’t ...

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September 20, 2018 | Release Notes, , News/Articles, Weekly Updates Service Interruption 09.20.18 was temporarily unavailable from approximately 7:30 AM – 9 AM PDT 09.20.18 due to automatic SSL certificate update error. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact ...

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September 13, 2018 | Webinar Announcements, News/Articles

Onspring & UC Webinar: Who Owns This? Driving Accountability into Compliance

When it comes to compliance, no one is immune. Nearly every area of the business has a role to play, from senior management to control owners to the employees who carry out everyday business processes. ...

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July 16, 2018 | News/Articles

Have you ever seen a really bad compliance glossary?

We have, and we don’t like them any more than you do. Did you know that glossary definitions of compliance terms are often inaccurate, and create conflicting definitions? We’ve seen it over and over again. ...

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Recorded Webinar: Compliance Auditing 101, The Easiest Way to Reduce

Did you miss the Unified Compliance/Quantivate webinar? You missed seeing how the CCH can deduplicate a list of mandates in a snap. You don’t know why you can depend on the accuracy of that process. ...

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What Everyone Needs to Know About New Tools for Asset Compliance

Looking for an accurate way to track asset compliance? Learn how to create and maintain a common asset enumeration scheme! If you answer “yes” to any of the following, we suggest you register for our ...

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Compliance Auditing 101: The Easiest Way to Reduce Your Audit Load

Stop Auditing the Same Mandate Over and Over Again! Did you know that the same mandates can appear in more than one of the regulations you must comply with? So, in effect, you may end ...

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