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What Everyone Needs to Know About New Tools for Asset Compliance

Looking for an accurate way to track asset compliance? Learn how to create and maintain a common asset enumeration scheme! If you answer “yes” to any of the following, we suggest you register for our …

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Compliance Auditing 101: The Easiest Way to Reduce Your Audit Load

Stop Auditing the Same Mandate Over and Over Again! Did you know that the same mandates can appear in more than one of the regulations you must comply with? So, in effect, you may end …

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Definitions of compliance terms are often inaccurate and cause poor communication. Join others who demand accurate compliance definitions.

Join the Collaboration Against Confusing Compliance Term Definitions! Did you know that definitions of compliance terms are often inaccurate,  and create conflicting definitions? That situation makes compliance even more difficult because poor communication costs time …

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GDPR and Breach Notification: Is the Boogeyman Really Coming for You?

When Good Enough Really Is. . .  Good Enough If you are struggling with GDPR compliance, you need to join us for a webinar that will help you streamline your GDPR preparations into a manageable …

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Hardening Defense: In Depth Cyber Risk Management Principles with Integrated Regulatory Risk Management

Do You Have a Control Framework for Regulatory Compliance?  Learn about triaging, operationalizing and automating regulatory change into defensible compliance. Register for a webinar being held on May 10, 2018 at 1 p.m. ET, | …

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Mapping Observation Portal Webinar

Mapping Observation Portal Revealed When CCH users started asking us for a way to follow our progress in mapping citations, we got to thinking… Let’s give CCH users a way to look at Unified Compliance’s …

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March 15, 2018 | Webinar Announcements

How to Identify the Data You Need for GDPR Compliance

How do you Identify the Data You Need for GDPR Compliance? Knowledge. Watch the recorded webinar now! The GDPR enforcement deadline is just a few months away! You need to ask yourself these questions: Are …

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Stay Ahead of the Regulatory Curve

MetricStream, a leader in enterprise-wide GRC and Quality Management solutions, and Unified Compliance, creators of the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®), hosted a joint webinar to help IT compliance professionals stay ahead of the regulatory curve. …

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Achieving Compliance with a Harmonized Controls Framework

Achieving unified Compliance with a harmonised control framework is now possible. LockPath, a compliance and risk management software provider, has completed an end-to-end integration of the Common Controls Hub® (CCH®) into their enterprise GRC platform, …

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GDPR Audit Guide for Information Governance and Records Management Professionals!

Enforcement of the GDPR will start on May 18, 2018, and fines for non-compliance are heavy. You’re probably received an avalanche of emails about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Everyone who has any type …

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