Compliance as Code: Compliance as Code Base Application Introduction, webinar series #2

October 14, 2021 | Webinar Announcements

Do you know what “No-Code MVPs are?” Minimum Viable Products allow you to manage Users, Accounts, Groups, and Contributors/Organizations.

No-Code MVPs will release over the next couple of months. Get educated and join the MVP webinar on October 14 at 10:00 am PDT, 1:00 pm EDT., we will give you access to the MVP no-code template.

Following immediately by a Zoom meeting with Sean Kohler, CTO, Unified Compliance who will focus on alpha testing the template.

Learn how to:
• Re-introduction of Compliance as Code
• Where we are in the whole process (from no-code apps through the gateway launch)
• Introduction of our layout templates (in Figma) • Overview of the necessary schemas (user, account, person, group, organization)
• Introduction of our base template, the no-code based account MVP.

If you would like to watch: