Compare, Share, Attest: Get Up to Speed on the CCH Newest Features!

November 20, 2017

Stay informed and up-to-date with the new product features we’ve added and how these enhancements will help you get the most out of the Common Controls Hub.
Whether you have a Free Trial (Starter) Account or are a paid subscriber to the Common Controls Hub, we’ve got something for you to learn in this webinar:
  • Create and share an Authority Document-based list of Common Controls with as many third-parties and supply chain vendors as needed in only a few steps
  • Generate hundreds of custom compliance templates and checklists for organizational standards, policies, roles, events, and more
  • Select a list of Authority Documents and then share that list with GRC tools, SIEM tools, Configuration Management tools, and auditing partners — simultaneously
  • Understand and identify gap overlap analyses to drastically reduce audit requirements

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