Moving Beyond Risk Management to Cybersecurity Compliance

May 30, 2019

Date: Wednesday, June 26 , 2019 | Time: 8 am PDT | 11 am EDT


Dorian J. Cougias
Co-Founder and Compliance Scientist
Unified Compliance Framework

Sandeep Chandran

In association with

When it comes to cybersecurity and privacy compliance, many enterprises end up reacting to compliance risks after they have occurred, playing an endless game of catch-up. In contrast, enterprises with robust cybersecurity compliance programs are able to manage complex risks more proactively, while effectively meeting their compliance obligations.

These compliance programs, when based on a Common Control framework, make it easier for organizations to define control objectives, and address the complete set of regulatory and internal corporate mandates. They also enable security and compliance teams to focus on a single target set of controls, thereby minimizing confusion and unnecessary expense.

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