Not Your Grandfather’s Compliance Program! Join Unified Compliance and AuditBoard’s webinar

August 29, 2021

Unified Compliance and AuditBoard Session

Dorian Cougias, Unified Compliance co-founder and Compliance Scientist, and Richard Marcus, AuditBoard's Head of Information Security, held a session called “Not Your Grandfather’s Compliance Program”.

With today’s heightened supply chain risk and ever-increasing regulatory oversight, information security compliance has become a required cost of delivering any kind of digital services.

For many, this challenge requires managing multiple frameworks in complex and dynamic environments to satisfy customers, regulators, and executive leadership.

Dorian Cougias, founder of Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), and Richard Marcus, AuditBoard's Head of Information Security, to gain insight into the technology-enabled approaches that forward-thinking compliance professionals are using to keep pace with the rapidly evolving compliance landscape. Watch and learn how to reimagine their processes and leverage technology to aggregate, harmonize, and automate compliance activities.

Watch it here:  (coming soon)