Advance Your Compliance Strategy with the Rsam/UCF Integration

November 20, 2017

Unified Compliance, the premier provider of compliance mapping and the creator of the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®) and its SaaS front-end, the Common Controls Hub™ (CCH™), announced a partnership with Rsam, a GRC, Vendor Risk Management and Security Operations, Analytics & Reporting (SOAR) platform provider.

Rsam has integrated Unified Compliance’s CCH into their GRC product.  The integration gives Rsam customers the ability to manage compliance standards, identify commonalities and update once for related standards.  Unified Compliance customers will be able to migrate to the Rsam GRC product while keeping the rich UCF content.

You’re Invited to a Joint Webinar!

If you’re interested in knowing how the Rsam GRC can use the CCH content to make compliance faster and cheaper, you need to attend this webinar.

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