How to Solve Your Nonprofit’s IT Compliance Issues

November 20, 2017

All organizations in the U.S., even non-profits, must comply with state and federal regulations. Managing compliance risks and controls efficiently is essential. But, do you know which regulations and standards apply to your organization? Do you know which Common Controls need to be updated? Are you able to effectively identify risks across your compliance obligations? Can you demonstrate compliance?

Chances are, you don’t have the resources or the in-house knowledge to handle the rapidly changing compliance landscape. Don’t jeopardize your 501 tax-exempt status with non-compliance—partner with 501 Commons and they will help you stretch those resources to manage and mitigate compliance risk at a price you can afford.

Join Craig Isaacs from Unified Compliance and Graham Ford, 501 Commons Director of Technology Consulting and Services as they demonstrate the capabilities of the UCF Common Controls Hub.

Attend this webinar to learn how 501 Commons will: