The Burdened Compliance Community Sees the Value of Harmonizing Regulations, Standards, and Legal Requirements.

August 7, 2021

This webinar will teach you a more efficient way to manage your GRC strategy with the CCH.

One of the hardest compliance challenges facing organizations is how to build a framework that efficiently manages all Common Controls. It can be incredibly complex and time consuming, and almost impossible for anyone to come up with a single framework to cover all of the possibilities.

What organizations need to be able to do is “harmonize” the controls that actually apply to them, leverage the Common Controls into their environment, and then look at the set of overarching requirements for all systems.

But, often the result is missed requirements, process inefficiencies, wasted time, and accelerated costs.

Learn a better, more efficient way to manage your GRC strategy with the Common Controls Hub (the SaaS Portal to the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF)).

Learn how to audit once and measure compliance across many mandates simultaneously. Understand and identify the gaps between regulations by generating an instant gap/overlap analysis between Authority Documents to drastically reduce repetitive evidence collection and audit requirements

Watch it now: