Effective Ways to Prepare for New Regulations

March 1, 2018 | News/Articles

Are you sick of the time you spend trying to update your compliance tracking when new regulations are published?  For example, the General Data Protection Regulation is getting the attention of enterprises worldwide. And, you know that won’t be the last new regulation you need to address! Now there are Effective Ways to Prepare for New Regulations!

The ServiceNow GRC and the Common Controls Hub® (CCH®) have integrated to help you understand how you can avoid costly errors and omissions when you have a streamlined process for managing hundreds of controls and thousands of citations in a variety of Authority Documents. Together you can learn how you can leave your spreadsheets behind and eliminate the need for starting over every time a new regulation comes out.

Now you can:

Easily gain access to the content necessary for new regulations with the Common Control Hub.
Automate monitoring of controls with the ServiceNow GRC to detect changes resulting from new and updated regulations in real-time.
Prove compliance with a unified GRC program that streamlines your control environments and keeps you on top of regulation changes.