Now, You Can Use SDG's GRC Product with Access to UCF® Data!

March 1, 2018 | News/Articles

Unified Compliance and SDG Corporation recently launched a partnership to integrate the Common Controls Hub® (CCH®) into SDG’s TruOps GRC product.

SDG is an IT security and risk management solutions provider. Their TruOps GRC offers an efficient centralized framework, workflows and notifications, and much more. SDG clients will be able to reduce administrative burden and customize controls in seconds. In addition, rather than completing a new assessment when Authority Documents are updated, SDG clients will be able to quickly gauge the impact of the new or changed requirements. If you’re already using the CCH, but want to move to a full GRC product, considering the TruOps would allow you to make the move while still accessing the CCH data.Leverage the CCH content through the TruOps GRC to:

  • Reduce administrative burden by automating workflow, risk-based scoping, data collection, assessment scoring, findings generation, and notifications
  • Customize your Controls in seconds when you bring UCF content into TruOps
  • Provide insight to management, regulators, and stakeholders on the risk profile of the enterprise
  • Reduce audit requirements by eliminating redundant Controls
  • Gauge the impact of new initiatives, new geographies, new laws, instead of completing an entirely new assessment

About SDG
SDG’s IT security and risk management solutions help businesses minimize threats and risks to critical corporate information and related assets. We help some of the largest brands in the world realize their business vision through a mix of actionable strategic advice, technology recommendations, expert systems integration and smart managed services. Our value proposition to our customers is that we bring thought leadership to the table, a passion for customer success and an eye to risk management in everything we do.