Organizations have Personality Types

August 17, 2020 | News/Articles

Can organizations have personality types?

Absolutely! All organizations are different in at least some facet. However, the major facets of differences can be found in the maturity of their leadership types. Leadership has to be established in order to create high-level objectives for the organization - including compliance objectives. Leadership (including compliance governance) addresses three basic issues of “what,” “who,” and “how.”

  1. What decisions are imperative?
  2. Who should make those decisions?
  3. How will the decisions be made and monitored?

How the three questions above are addressed is based on the organization’s character.

Is your organization an ENTJ? Maybe an INTP?

Do you even know what these acronyms mean? They are acronyms used to describe one of the sixteen personality types created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. Collectively they are called the Myers-Briggs personality types.

We reached out to William Bridges and Ichak Adizes and have modified the Myers-Briggs personality types for use in organizations. The result is the Organizational Character Index.

You can find it in the free eBook below. We also have a survey you can take to find the character of your organization. That, too, is free, and is listed below.

Free eBook
We have a free eBook for you that covers all sixteen of these Myers-Briggs personality types and how those personality types affect a Compliance Awareness program.
You can access the ebook HERE.

Create the Organizational Character Index for your organization
How the Organizational Character Index works is covered in the eBook listed above. However, if you want to skip that and just get the four-letter code for your organization, you can take the survey HERE.

Free Sample Plans Too!
We’ve created sixteen different compliance awareness plans tailored to each of the Organizational Character Indexes. A sample plan for an ENTJ organization can be found HERE.
All sixteen plans are online, free for you to use at any time!