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  • Organizations struggle to communicate digital risk to their C-suite. Disparate cyber security tools block and tackle at the first line of defense for cyber-attacks, but fail to show the business impact of a catastrophic cyber event. The job of the second line of defense is to connect this information from the first line into actionable intelligence for the C-Suite & Board of Directors. Today’s popular solutions rely on manual, year-to-year, one-time assessments and neglect what happens in between. Until now, there was no solution within the digital risk and cyber security industry to support the need for risk identification and quantification that can be coherently communicated to the C-Suite & Board providing executive visibility and foresight. Emergynt has developed a cutting-edge Platform that is essential to fulfill this gap. Unlike the annual static review conducted by consultants, Emergynt’s Instinct Engine is a dynamic tool providing ongoing instrumentation to keep scenario-based risk assessments current with the latest information as the organization evolves and changes.

    Why We Partner with the UCF® and the CCH®

    Emergynt has partnered with Unified Compliance and the CCH in order to bring Authority Documents, frameworks, and compliance data together with the Instinct Engine’s methodology to provide quantification of cybersecurity risk based on the organization’s controls and compliance framework strategies.

    Who We Serve

    The Instinct Engine is applicable to any mid-large size organization seeking to quantify their digital risk. Emergynt serves the financial services industry (banking, consulting, auditing, and investment firms), regulatory and government agencies, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and utility companies worldwide.

  • Emergynt Instinct Engine™

    Emergynt’s on-premises or cloud solution uses an organization’s existing enterprise data to provide a holistic view of their digital risk exposure and the associated financial impact to the business. Through quantitative reporting capabilities, precise and targeted communication is established between all business lines. The Emergynt platform provides risk management leadership with executive visibility and foresight to prioritize its efforts consistent with its risk management strategy and take the actions necessary to mitigate future losses.

    Key Features

    Next Generation Risk Management Platform enables organizations to:

    • Identify
    • Prioritize
    • Take action

    The Emergynt platform implements a dynamic quantitative risk model to capture inputs from key business and security stakeholders. It combines this expert information with targeted metrics and analytics to help organizations manage their cyber risk appetite at the second line of defense. The Emergynt platform provides consistent visibility into risk posture across business units, technologies, and assets—comparing the total impact an organization is willing to tolerate against tomorrow’s scenarios, predicting where attacks may occur and the damage they can cause.

    Our scenario-analysis approach provides dollar-loss values based on metrics and scenarios that drive risk impacts. Unlike the typical static approach, Emergynt’s Instinct Engine™ uses a dynamic view based on measurements that are taken over time to actively identify the business impact of cybersecurity risks. Through its artificial intelligence capabilities, the Instinct Engine generates scenarios empowering the user with visibility into potential unknown-unknowns. As new risks are detected in real time, an organization will have the opportunity to prioritize and implement risk mitigation initiatives. This proactive rather than reactive posture gives the organization the ability to take action and identify risk exposure before the damage ever takes place.

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