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    To be successful with GRC, your authority documents and your policies need to be aligned, or your system won't be able to calculate which attestation requests to send to whom, and when. All platform automation begins with a solid set of defined controls, which is what we help with. We map the components within your computing environment to the controls, apply risk management practices, and align to your strategic growth plans. At Klever Compliance, our specialty is to guide mapping your internal documents with external influences that your company has to abide by, whether those influences are laws (ex: SOX or CCPA), or best practices (ex: ITIL or NIST), or a combination of both. We perform a health assessment of your internal processes/policies, identify control gaps, and deliver guiding principles for maturing how work travels within your organizations. Imagine never needing to pull together attestations from shared drives, emails, or spreadsheets in preparation for your auditor visits. That's what we're here for.
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