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  • Onspring is a cloud-based platform that makes reporting, analysis, process management and coordination refreshingly easy. Our connected solutions for audit, legal, risk, vendor and compliance professionals put key metrics at your fingertips—anytime and everywhere. Get started with our solutions in days, not months, and easily tailor them to your requirements. With Onspring, you’re in control.

    We have a dynamic and flexible platform that allows business users to tailor to their own internal processes. Through a partnership with CCH, Onspring will be able to offer users standardized, updated regulatory content against which they can compare and measure their GRC programs.

    Our highly responsive service approach and friendly and experienced team help clients eliminate the time spent wrestling with technology and help them showcase their best work.

    • Personal Attention - Onspring goes above and beyond a basic service approach with rapid, focused responses and value-added ideas built upon best practices.
    • Continuous Innovation & Enhancement - Client ideas are important to us. The Onspring product roadmap is nearly 100% client-driven with new, powerful and ready to implement features added several times per year.
    • Remarkable Performance - Onspring uses the newest technologies to give you fast response times and seamless functionality across operating systems, browsers and devices. Superior performance is a value we uphold in updates and releases.
    • Deep Expertise - Your Onspring consultants are technology experts with longstanding GRC careers. You will see the benefits of this experience in every facet of your relationship with Onspring.
    • Easy Implementations - You’re in control of your implementation. A full rollout and any adjustments can be completed quickly and easily. Your solutions can grow and flex as your business needs evolve.
    • Friendly & Reliable Support - Onspring’s support team will help address your questions and suggest solutions for continued success. You can also learn to make the most of the platform features through our free, regular training webinars.

    Why We Partner with the UCF® and the CCH®

    Onspring and the UCF wanted to create a valuable partnership, in order to provide their clients with both best-in-class technology and content. Onspring’s UCF Data Connector makes importing controls and regulatory content a breeze. It’s literally push-button easy. Simply authenticate your access to UCF and see your configuration come to life with the newest content in seconds.

    Customers will be able to easily connect CCH content to their other GRC areas, including enterprise risks, vendor assessments, internal controls and more. For example, you can relate the UCF controls to your master control library, in addition to other controls on which you report or track.

    With regular updates of content in Onspring from CCH, users can stay on top of any needed internal updates when their CCH data changes. The Onspring data connector allows administrators to set up the configuration once that can continue to update your licensed content on a regular, automated schedule.

    Modifications are quick and the entire import takes less time than managing spreadsheets or custom-developed APIs. In addition, Onspring can automatically provide management, updates and workflow around the changes and updates to content imported from CCH.

    Onspring seeks to be an enterprise software company that puts client interests at the center of everything we do. Our engagement team respects clients’ knowledge of their organizations and processes and helps them design solutions that fit instead of forcing them to fit the solution. We aim for projects that leave clients feeling excited, empowered and equipped for success.

    Who We Serve

    We serve clients around the world in a variety of industries, from financial services to manufacturing, education, government, shipping and more. We have clients who use Onspring for very tailored custom solutions, in addition to our featured solutions, such as Audit & Assurance, Risk Management, Controls & Compliance and more.

    Whether we work with a small startup or a Fortune 100 company, Onspring’s scalable solutions can provide immediate value and efficiency to any organization.

    Onspring makes reporting, analysis, process management and coordination refreshingly easy. Our connected solutions put key metrics at your fingertips—anytime and everywhere. Get started with our featured solutions and make them your own in days, not months.

  • Onspring UCF Data Connector

    Here’s a quick video to show how you can upload and map regulatory and control content from Unified Compliance into the Onspring platform with push-button ease.
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