StandardFusion is an Integrated Risk Management GRC solution that makes security and compliance simple and approachable.
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  • StandardFusion offers a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management solution for technology-focused SMB and Enterprise organisations. With the goal to get rid of spreadsheets and provide one system of record for everything compliance and risk related, StandardFusion is a cloud-based SaaS or on-premise GRC platform designed to make security and compliance simple, approachable and scalable.

    Why We Partner with the UCF® and the CCH®

    Our platform is designed to use a single set of common controls that meet a complex set of compliance requirements. The CCH provides that set of common controls and StandardFusion has the perfect platform to manage them in. The UCF and StandardFusion are a perfect fit.

    Our clients have seen up to 75% in time savings just by using our reporting functionality. With our simple per user, per month, no contract licensing model, this translates into huge costs savings. Our development roadmap of features and functionality is completely driven by our customer feedback. As a younger nimble organization with a fully in-house development team, we are able to prioritize features based on our customers’ needs.

    Who We Serve

    StandardFusion is an international organization headquartered in Canada. Our clients span the globe, and include forward thinking technology focused companies pursuing a proactive approach to compliance. Our clients love how we offer one complete package that combines Compliance, Audit, Risk and Vendor Assessment management.
  • StandardFusion is a Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) platform that adapts to your organization. Providing the single source of truth for your compliance and risk management activities, StandardFusion comes with all modules included which allows for one cohesive experience.

    Risk Management

    • Identifying, assessing, and treating risks is just as important to you whether you are a large enterprise or small organization.
    • By leveraging the use of our integrated threat library, we make the process of identifying risks that are applicable to you easy.
    • Map all your risks to the mitigating controls to show how your organization treats its largest threats.
    • Monitor the status of your risks, and see how they evolve over time.

    Compliance Management

    • Your single source of truth for everything you do to meet your compliance requirements.
    • Define, document, map, test, review, and report on the controls and policies within your organization.
    • Have complete visibility into every aspect of your compliance program, ensuring you are the first to know when you may be straying from conformity.
    • All your compliance management needs bundled into an easy-to-use interface for managing a new implementation or existing GRC program.

    Audit Management

    • Audit your internal controls and compliance requirements to ensure your team is doing what they say they're doing, no surprises.
    • Keep a pulse on the status and progress of all your current and historical audits in real-time.
    • Manage your internal and external audits status, supporting information and document requests in a single system.

    Vendor and Third-Party Assessment

    • Identify, assess and track your Vendors and Third-Parties using distributed information security questionnaires.
    • Preloaded with the Infrastructure, Physical and Data Center, Security and Privacy, and Web Application Security questionnaires; we support Standardized Information Gathering Questionnaire (SIG/SIG-Lite), and the 2018 Vendor Security Alliance Questionnaire.
    • Send your Vendors and Third-parties invitations to complete questionnaires and provide supporting documentation and evidence.
  • StandardFusion is designed for you to build out a single set of common controls. These controls serve to meet a complex set of compliance requirements across one or more authoritative document. CCH provides that set of common controls and StandardFusion has the perfect platform to manage them in. StandardFusion seamlessly integrates with UCF to sync all Authority Documents, Citations, Controls and even Mappings. The integration not only imports supporting documents and mappings but also monitors for changes, keeping your compliance program updated 365 days a year.
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