StandardFusion's cloud-based GRC software makes security and compliance simple and approachable.
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  • StandardFusion is an organization that offers a software solution for risk and compliance management in a simple, yet versatile, approachable cloud-based environment. Our goal is to get rid of spreadsheets from GRC, and turn GRC into more than just something that needs to be done, by making it available to organizations of all sizes. StandardFusion is our cloud-based GRC software, designed to make security and compliance simple and approachable.

    Why We Partner with the UCF® and the CCH®

    Our dream of using a common set of controls to meet a complex set of compliance requirements was completely met when we saw the CCH. UCF and StandardFusion were a perfect fit from day one.

    Our clients have seen up to 75% in time savings just by using our reporting functionality. With our simple per user, per month, no contract licensing model, this translates into huge costs savings. Our development roadmap of features and functionality is completely driven by our customer feedback. As a younger nimble organization with a fully in-house development team, we are able to prioritize features based on our customers’ needs.

    Who We Serve

    StandardFusion is an international organization headquartered in Canada. Our clients span the globe, and include any organization with compliance requirements. However, we have found that technology companies that have information security compliance requirements absolutely love StandardFusion.

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