TCT helps you navigate the minefields of compliance
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  • Total Compliance Tracking (TCT) is a web based software as a service (SaaS) portal that provides a central location for tracking your Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) engagements. The TCT platform is extremely flexible - capable of handling ANY compliance engagement... PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO XXXXX or custom internal requirements. If your auditing process has a list of requirements, it can be integrated into the TCT platform.

    The Benefits of TCT

    • Web based system accessible to auditors, consultants and customers
    • Integrated reporting of present status for each requirement
    • Engagement alert notifications regarding status changes
    • Summary reporting at engagement level
    • Detailed reporting at line item level
    • Dashboards at engagement and login level
    • Quick startup time for all participants
    • Easy next year staging for annual compliance style engagements
    • Storage of your compliance evidence throughout the year
    • Ability to leverage different auditing firms if needed

    Why use TCT?

    If your organization is used to compliance engagements, the reasons for using this system are obvious. Saved time of internal resources, immediate status updates, handling of communication between your organization and a battery of different auditors... the benefits are endless. However, if your organization is new to GRC engagements - you will never have to subject your organization to the blinding inefficiencies that plague many firms today. The TCT platform allows your organization to effectively navigate compliance requirements, communication with auditing staff and get back to your business objectives.
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