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  • As an organization grows, the risk of non-compliance grows exponentially. Managing and tracking the perpetual list of compliance can become very challenging, hence, increasing the risks further. VComply is a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management platform that helps organizations build a robust internal control framework and encourage a culture of good governance. The platform works on the E.V.A.S.TM (Entrust, Verify, Analyze and Sustain) Framework and works on the principle of formally entrusting responsibilities to one another in an organization. This helps the organization to induce accountability and increase transparency in the processes and workflows. The platform can also be used for carrying out internal audits, managing contracts, licenses, surveys and policies. Additionally, the platform also provides capabilities for digitally managing and storing documents in a secure and encrypted environment on the cloud.

    VComply is a sector agnostic platform, with users across the manufacturing, financial services, technology, NPOs and education sectors. Some of our clients include Burger King, Costa Coffee, CHD, Georgia Southern University, DLA Piper etc.

    How do we help businesses?

    Despite all the shortcomings, many organizations are still heavily driven by spreadsheets for something as sensitive and complex as compliance. We work with organizations in the SMB segment and a few large enterprises to help them manage compliance with frameworks like GDPR, CCPA and manage other regulatory obligations & internal controls. VComply offers multiple modules including compliance management, risk management, contracts & policies management, surveys & forms and audit & assurance.

    How do we stand out?

    Compliance is critical to any business, however, most organizations shy away from upgrading to automated platforms due to their preceding reputation for being exorbitantly priced. VComply beats the status quo by offering a platform that is not just economical but also user-friendly and industry agnostic.

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