Release Notes 09.07.17

September 7, 2017 | Release Notes

Updates to UCF Mapper will be released between 3:30 - 4:30 PM Pacific time today.
We do not expect any production downtime, unavailability, inability to use the application.

Improved Features

  • UCF Mapper: Citation Mapping Notes
    Restored mapping notes entered in Cataloging Projects to Citation Mapping Project details.
    UCF Mapper: Improved NLP Tagger
    Released an improved NLP Tagger that identifies phrases and primary nouns and verbs more accurately.
  • UCF Mapper: Terms Other Forms Verb Widget
    Added the ability to catalog plural verb other forms.
  • UCF Mapper: Cataloging Multiple Common Names
    Added the ability to catalog multiple Common Names for an Authority Document.
  • UCF Mapper: Side Bar Training Icon
    Updated the side bar training icon to a graduation cap.
  • UCF Mapper: Cataloging Official Name Duplicate Check
    Updated the Official name duplicate check to include originator. This update involves moving the originator step to after the version step.
  • UCF Mapper: Connect Authority Document Name with Dictionary term
    Automated the process of creating a Dictionary Term from the Official Name of an Authority Document upon completion of a Cataloging task.
  • UCF Mapper: Control Matching Optimization
    Updated the Citation Control Matching task so it renders results quicker.

Bug Fixes

  • UCF Mapper: Provisional In-depth Report
    Fixed the issue with provisional in-depth reports not displaying information for some Citation Mapping projects.
  • UCF Mapper: Control-to-Triggering event deprecation
    Fixed the issue with control-to-triggering-events deprecation not working.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact

The UCF Team