SOX Compliance Consultant, RPG, Indianapolis, IN (Salary Not Disclosed)

November 16, 2020 | Job Postings

RGP has a unique consulting model that provides opportunities for consultants to work in different ways. Most consultants work in a model where they have the flexibility and autonomy to choose projects aligning to their experience, skills and desired lifestyle.
Other opportunities exist in team-based, strategy and solutions work. In all models, you will feel the full support of RGP to assist you in your work and guide you on your chosen path.


As a SOX Compliance Consultant, you will create, review and analyze data pertaining to information system functions of our clients.
You will be responsible for monitoring Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts and identifying areas of potential improvement for key processes and procedures.


  • Respect for people and opinions and confidently offer your point-of-view with clients and among colleagues
  • A drive for proactively cultivating relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Optimism when faced with challenges and complex situations, coupled with the drive to solve client issues
  • Dedication to continuous improvement and development of your skillset and talents
  • A strong personal identification with RGP’s values loyalty, integrity, focus, enthusiasm, accountability and talent


  • Work with various process owners to create and update process documentation, flowcharts and process risk assessments
  • Coordinate and track internal and external control testing progress and identify control gaps and remediation efforts
  • Ensure internal controls over financial reporting are sound and effective to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ("SOX")
  • Assist in the execution of SOX assessment programs by providing thorough and reliable identification of in-scope accounts and locations, and planning, testing, documenting and reporting of the effectiveness of financial reporting for delivery to senior management and external committees

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