The office is dead, long live the office! [Virtual leader]

July 31, 2019 | News/Articles

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The first thing we did over a decade and a half ago when we planned the move into our Lafayette Headquarters from Oakland was to plan where to put the 400 bottle wine locker and the imported Italian double-boiler espresso machine. Seriously.

From there, we designed our office.

More clients and partners than we can count have received bottles and sometimes cases of wine from us, or shared bottles with us in our kitchen. We’ve gone sailing with our staff on the co-founder’s sailboat many, many times.

We’ve planned our software in the kitchen, together, with boxes of donuts from Johnnie’s Donuts down the street and espressos and latte’s from our press (god bless Castro Coffee’s beans!).

That tells you what you need to know about our social infrastructure for Network Frontiers, aka Unified Compliance.

And yet, without even a hint of sadness of heart on my part, the co-founder of the company, I announced last month to my staff that the office itself, but not the company, is closing.

The office is dead. Das büro ist tot. Η αδίκια είναι νεκρή. El delito está muerto.

We are going virtual.