Unified Compliance Board Member Steps Down to Become President Due to Company’s Exciting New Direction

November 30, 2022 | Press Releases

Chris Caldwell joined the board at Unified Compliance (UC) earlier this year and stepped down less than two quarters later. After discussing high-level goals for engineering improvements and product routes, Chris realized, "I have to lead this new endeavor; it's just too cool to sit back and be just a board member." Chris was one of UC's first and longest clients; he couldn't prevent himself from seeing its decisions from the end user's perspective.

Chris was so engrossed in Unified Compliance's day-to-day growth and machinations that he couldn't sit on the corporate sidelines. So, he offered to jump into the game head-on. And that is how Chris became the President of Unified Compliance. 

Chris pointed out that Allomer Capital LLC. made the correct decision when they invested in UC earlier this year. He agrees with their decision to seize an excellent opportunity and is doing the same thing. "If something was going to get me off the bench, I have to be super excited about it," he said when talking about the company's future, a future he's looking forward to sharing.   

Chris, a former client, has watched Unified Compliance grow from a collection of XML downloads nearly 20 years ago to the industry leader it is today. Now that he is internal to the company, he has some specific goals. First is to handle operational tasks so CEO and cofounder Dorian Cougias can "go to the lab and be the mad scientist he is." The second is to advocate for UC's clients and view products as end users with a seasoned perspective. 

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