Introducing The Unified Compliance Newsletter, January 2023

January 10, 2023 | Newsletter


Happy New Year!

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January 2023

Happy New Year!

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New Year

New Members

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Upcoming Documents

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New Year

Happy New Year from Unified Compliance! We're thrilled to be ringing in this new year with our clients and looking ahead to what 2023 has in store for the worlds of GRC and ESG. As a leader in the compliance space, we're eager to continue our commitment to helping our clients stay ahead of the curve. We've made great strides in the past year, and we can only imagine what new opportunities and innovations the next year will bring.

New Members

Jay Hill is a product development power house with a background in data privacy and security. He has joined Unified Compliance as the new VP of Product Development. Read more here.

Posted News Letters

Beginning next week this newsletter will be posted in the News section of our main site. All future newsletters will be posted the same day they are emailed. Check out current UCF news at

Upcoming Documents

The UCF team has plans to map the following Documents:

IRAP Policies and Procedures Australian Signals Directorate Information Security Registered Assessors Program, 11/2020 [AD 3582]


NI5T SP 800-34, Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems, Rev. 1 (Final) [AD 3566] Expected In February 2023


BSI-Standard 200-2 IT-Grundschutz Methodology, Version 1.0 [AD 3579] Expected in Jun 2023


Authority Documents

What's new and popular in the CCH?

See the list below for Authority Documents published since our last newsletter. Documents published in the last 30 days are marked as "(NEW)."

See here for this month's list of the 50 most selected Authority Documents, including how many groups and initiatives each Authority Document has been assigned!

Banking and Finance

17 CFR Part 240.17a-3 - Records to be made by certain exchange members, brokers and dealers

IT Security

FFIEC Security in a Cloud Computing Environment


NIST SP 800-190, Application Container Security Guide


UK Data Protection Act 2018 Chapter 12, Revised 06/06/2022



UK Data Protection Act 2018 Chapter 12, Revised 06/06/2022


Records Management

17 CFR Part 240.17Ad-7 - Record retention

17 CFR Part 240.17a-3 - Records to be made by certain exchange members, brokers and dealers


Which Authority Documents are most important to you? Submit a request HERE.

Best Wishes,

Aubrey Bousley, Account Manager

and the UCF Sales Team





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