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April 16, 2018 | Weekly Updates

Privacy of Consumer Financial and Health Information Regulation, NAIC MDL-672
AD ID: 2921
Status: Released
Availability: Free
Citation Format: ΒΆ (Numbered Paragraphs)
Document Type: Privacy of Consumer Financial and Health Information Regulation, NAIC MDL-672
Originator: National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Parent Category: North America
Effective Date: Not Defined
Language: eng

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This Authority Document has 383 citations mapped to 85 UCF Common Control IDs. The document as a whole was last reviewed and released on 2018-04-09.

Percent (%) of Citations with multiple mandates: 17.9%

Percent (%) of terms that were non-standard: 0.00% The number of non-standard terms doesn't affect UCF users as the UCF team have already mapped those terms to standard terms in the Compliance Dictionary.

Percent (%) of terms mapped into the AD's glossary: 0% Primary verbs and nouns not mapped into an AD's glossary can point to the AD's authors not paying attention to the definitions of their terms.

Percent (%) of terms where fewer than 5 other ADs referenced the term: 12% Any term in this category is not very widely used by the rest of the compliance community and therefore will more than likely need to be further investigated for any implications it might bring.

Percent (%) of mandates where only 1 to 5 other ADs mapped to the Common Control: 0% Mandates that aren't widely called for will take longer to implement than mandates that are more familiar.

Number of mandates where 0 other ADs mapped to the Common Control: 23.8% These mandates are only called for by this AD, making them particularly thorny to implement, as this AD is the "lone wolf" in asking for them to be followed.