The Situation

Your boss cares about three things:

  • Addressing the marching orders
  • Not being caught off guard
  • Shining but with minimal risk

Leadership needs to know how to navigate the terrain at the time. Your boss wants to confidently manage your organization’s compliance, culture, and goals to prevent issues before they arise, while being seen as a shiny compliance hero.

Here's How To Get There

Explain that the Common Controls Hub (with the underlying Unified Compliance Framework) is a legally defensible and hierarchical framework with a proven methodology for cataloging Authority Documents, extracting and then tagging the citations and mandates, in order to match them to auditable Common Controls.

Twenty years of experience means the company will be around to support the product going forward. And being awarded almost 20 patents is a recognition of the uniqueness of what Unified Compliance does.

In a nutshell, this is how you can convince your boss that the CCH can deliver quick ROI and get the whole team to achieve their goals:

Quicker time to complete projects. Efficiencies are created through automation, centralization, and tracking. Duplication of your team’s efforts is eliminated by asserting compliance across multiple Authority Documents simultaneously; audit once and attest multiple times. Research is at your fingertips to enable you to drill down for detailed information, explanations, and sources for each Common Control.

Crosswalking between Authority Documents is done for you—automatically. We’re talking months for the team to map and create a list of controls versus a few minutes. Audit requirements will be drastically reduced (typically by as much as 60%) by comparing Authority Documents to find overlaps and gaps between regulations and eliminate redundant controls.

Common Language. Helps IT teams, compliance pros, and lawyers understand each other easily.

Easier to comply with a new version of an Authority Document. You’ll be able to understand the impact of new laws and standards and integrate new regulations easily without starting the entire process over.

Simplified Supply Chain Management. Reduce the complexity of monitoring and managing third-party and supply chain compliance to regulations. Route your compliance requirements to as many third-parties and supply chain members as needed and track their attestation with immediate reporting on their regulatory compliance adherence.

Cost savings. $10k for a tool is much better than $100k in internal resources that could be better used on higher value tasks. And the cost of not accomplishing your goals is much more than just proving ROI.

You’ll increase accuracy, quality, responsiveness, and efficiency while reducing labor costs. Compliance will be part of the business strategy. That should get your boss some kudos – it’s a win-win!