Compliance Auditing 101: The Easiest Way to Reduce Your Audit Load

June 22, 2018 | Webinar Announcements, News/Articles

Stop Auditing the Same Mandate Over and Over Again!

Did you know that the same mandates can appear in more than one of the regulations you must comply with? So, in effect, you may end up auditing the same mandate over and over again, which really stinks! Now, can you stop doing that, with a minimum amount of effort, while assuring accuracy.

How? Attend this webinar to find out!  Compliance Auditing 101: The Easiest Way to Reduce Your Audit Burden is a joint webinar being held on July 12, 2018 at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT. James Woodworth, Quantivate’s Program Manager, and Dorian Cougias, co-founder of Unified Compliance, will be presenting.

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Can You Automate the Process of Deduplicating Mandates?
To answer that question, consider what happens to a large video file before it goes online. If you want to put a large video file online for viewing, you put it through video compression software to reduce the size of the file without losing quality.

Unified Compliance can do the same thing with compliance mandates using the Common Controls Hub® (CCH®). Sign up for this webinar to learn how the CCH uses a proven and patented scientific method to deduplicate mandates from multiple regulations accurately.    The CCH tracks all of the duplicate mandates.

When you attest to the consolidated mandate, the system updates all the duplicate mandates. In addition, you can significantly reduce the time required to audit because you can audit once to confirm compliance with multiple mandates in different regulations. The CCH keeps track of everything!

During the webinar, you’ll see how the Quantivate GRC software uses the deduplicated list of mandates imported from the CCH. The API integration between the two systems imports the data quickly and seamlessly.

When You Leave This Webinar. . .

  • You’ll have seen brief demos showing how the CCH and GRC software solutions offer an easy way to eliminate compliance commotion.
  • You’ll know how to eliminate confusion about which mandates your organization needs to comply with.
  • You’ll understand how you can streamline the audit process and avoid duplication of effort among departments.

Who Should Attend?
Any CISO or IT Security professional who wants to:

  • become a compliance hero
  • cut through GRC minutiae
  • simplify the life of the employees on the frontlines of GRC
  • avoid penalties by complying with the GDPR]
  • reduce the time and money involved in compliance and auditing

This one webinar could help your organization save on compliance costs, save your organization from errors that can occur when trying to manage an extremely complex process, and save you from sleepless nights.

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