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Unified Compliance Framework®

Unified Compliance is the integration of processes and tools to aggregate and harmonize all compliance requirements applicable to an organization. Control mapping and harmonizing done for you.

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What is the Unified Compliance Framework™?

And how does it relate to the Common Controls Hub™?

The UCF is one of the largest frameworks for aggregating Authority Documents into a collective whole. It then aligns and harmonizes the Mandates within a de-duplicated list of Common Controls. The language of those Mandates gives the direction for implementing and auditing those Common Controls. The UCF employs a multi-patented methodology that begins with content extraction, continues through transformation, and crescendos with alignment and harmonization of Mandates to Common Controls and Audit Questions.



The Unified Compliance Framework helps:
check-icon Learn about frequent changes in regulations.
check-icon Increase efficiency with constricted resources and high pressure deadlines.
check-icon Reduce stress when preparing for audits.
check-icon Enhanced visibility- no more spreadsheets
check-icon People save on average 60% of time.


Why work with us?

We dedupe and harmonize your controls better than anyone

check-icon No more manual mapping
check-icon Harmonize controls with a few clicks.
check-icon Reduce redundancies and overlapping requirements across multiple frameworks.
check-icon Control mapping that is traceable for easy access.
check-icon Work with lawyers and lexicographers to create the most precise, defensible translations.
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Largest library of authority documents

We dedupe and harmonize your controls better than anyone
check-icon 1,000,000+ Individual mandated
check-icon 10,000+ Common controls
check-icon 1,000 Mapped authority documents
check-icon 250,000 Interconnected words and phrases in the dictionary

Compatible with most Governance, Regulation and Compliance tools

Most GRC tools are compatible with the UCF. Want to know which ones or have more questions. Schedule with one of our professionals
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Our Products

UCF Mapper™

The first professional AI processing compliance mapping tool with patented algorithms that manage endless regulatory documents. All Authority Documents are mapped and analyzed for deduplication and harmonization creating the most accurate and defensible compliance mappings available.


Quickly search for and navigate to the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) that matter most to your organization. STIGs are configuration standards developed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), consisting of cybersecurity requirements for a specific product. STIGViewer™ allows you to view and increase your organization’s security posture.

Compliance Dictionary™
Our repository houses over 373,480 total terms and 325,198 plus definitions used by the Common Controls Hub™, which is accessed by millions worldwide. All the terms and definitions from all the authority documents are ingested into the UCF and then accessed by the Common Controls Hub™.

At UCResearch™, we leverage our cutting-edge automation and patented intelligent systems to bring harmonization and control mapping to an automated task – streamlining compliance, eliminating redundancy, reducing risk, and enhancing operational productivity.

API Gateway™
API gatewayis an AI-driven management tool that acts as a reverse proxy to accept all application programming interface (API) calls. Then, it aggregates the various services required to fulfill them and returns the appropriate result. This software allows customers and partners to easily integrate with and access the market-leading UCF authoritative content.
Common Controls Hub™
The Common Controls Hub(CCH) is a dynamic Software-as-a-Service portal built on the Unified Compliance Framework to extract the data needed easily. It allows you to scope, define, and maintain your compliance framework. 


Put Unified Compliance to work for you

The Unified Compliance suite of products makes compliance easier for compliance professionals