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Align IT goals while managing Cyber risks

ISC2 members, make your cybersecurity and compliance programs more efficient with 20% off Unified Compliance's core product Common Controls Hub® (CCH®).


ISC2 & UC's Common Controls Hub

Empower yourself with the right tools

Certifications provided by ISC2, empower you with the knowledge and skills to implement effective governance, manage risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Common Controls Hub® makes those processes more efficient by saving time and reducing manual labor.

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CCH® is the dynamic software-as-a-service portal built on the Unified Compliance Framework to make it easy to extract the data you need. Authority Documents are mapped into the UCF and the data is viewed and extracted through the CCH.
By obtaining GRC certification, professionals demonstrate their expertise in:
check-icon Establishing governance structures to guide cybersecurity initiatives.
check-icon Identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks to the organization's assets.
check-icon Developing and implementing strategies to mitigate risks effectively.
check-icon Ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Special Incentive: 20% Off for Industry Experts

By taking advantage of this incentive, you can:

check-icon Enhance your skill set and career prospects in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity.
check-icon Access world-class training resources and cutting-edge software tools to excel in your roles
check-icon Contribute to your organization's success by strengthening its cybersecurity posture.
check-icon Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
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With the special incentive of 20% off, now is the perfect time to embark on your journey towards becoming an industry expert in GRC. Elevate your career and contribute to your organization's cybersecurity resilience and success by investing in and leveraging innovative technologies.



In today's interconnected world, cybersecurity and GRC play pivotal roles in safeguarding organizations against cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny. ISC2's certification programs and CCH® allow you to master essential GRC concepts and leverage advanced tools to achieve compliance effectively.

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