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Professional and Efficient Mapping Services 

If your organization doesn’t have the time or the bandwidth to do compliance mapping —we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Now is the time for you to leverage our skills and years of experience.

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Be as Involved as You Like

We’ll map Authority Documents or your company’s own internal, organizational governance documents into your Common Controls Hub account with your team members OR we’ll do the entire mapping project ourselves. Our Compliance Mappers use our patented processes to create the most accurate and defensible compliance mappings available anywhere. Professional Mapping Services are a part of the UCF.

The Mapping Process has 5 Primary Roles 


These three roles complete the majority of the work.


Mapper: All bibliographic and citation entries, all initial tagging, and all matching.


Reviewer: Review all Mapper functions for accuracy where the reviewer can, send tasks back to the Mapper.


Approver: Approve all reviewed tasks where the Approver can, send the tasks back to the Mapper, or override the Mapper and Reviewer.


Unified Compliance will also supply a Lexicographer and a lawyer to give final approval to term definitions, additions, and modifications to the UCF Common Controls and to approve documents for private and public availability.

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We Address Complex Issues

check-icon Authority Document research validates the exact document to be used and subsequent bibliography
check-icon We ID & harmonize primary nouns & verbs that result in accurate & usable output for consumption and auditing
check-icon Identification of actionable mandates and informational text by extracting citations and identifying mandates
check-icon Identifying primary and secondary nouns and verbs by tagging them in the Authority Document
check-icon Researching, mapping, harmonizing, and creating a project-based glossary using a cognitive learning, multi-patented approach

I Want to Map, Can I learn?

Yes, you can with some training
check-icon You can map your internal organizational governance documents into your Common Controls Hub® account.
check-icon Our unique patents provide the tools and training necessary to support your organization’s efforts in compliance mapping.
check-icon If you are truly interested reach out to one of our professional associates to get started
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UCF Mapper™ Training

The goal of this training program is to prepare compliance mappers for the responsibility of mapping multiple Authority Documents correctly and accurately in a way that will satisfy auditors and regulators while simplifying governance for their organization or clients. There are currently five modules for this course, schedule to learn more


Mapper FAQs

Welcome to our FAQ section

What is Compliance Mapping?

The process of crosswalking one Citation’s Mandates to another Citation’s Mandates. An older methodology matches Citation to Citation in a matrix; the newer methodology matches each Citation to a Common Control in a star pattern.

How much does the UCF Mapper™ cost?

Is an add-on to the CCH subscription. Click on the "Talk with us" button above to discuss licensing and discounts offered.

How many people will I need on the UCF Mapper™ team?

You will need three people to fill the roles of Mapper, Reviewer, and Approver.

Can I add more compliance dictionary entries?

Unless the Authority Document is destined to be generally available, no new dictionary entries will be permitted.

After a mapper document is added, where can I see them?

The mapped documents will be visible in the Common Controls Hub the following business day after the project is completed. Documents can be selected in the CCH Workspace and added to Authority Document lists.

Why did Unified Compliance create UCF Mapper™?

As an add-on to the CCH library, mapped regulations relevant to industries are allowed for your use, ensuring compliance.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team.


Put Unified Compliance to work for you

The Unified Compliance suite of products saves compliance professionals time and reduces manual labor.