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June 2023

AI and Compliance as Code

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The Need for Creating Efficient Diagrams

Partner Podcast: LogicGate

GRC AI Top 15 Terms You Need to Know

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The Need for Creating Efficient Diagrams

Compliance with industry regulations and standards is of paramount importance. From data protection laws to quality management frameworks, our organizations across every sector we’ve researched need to demonstrate adherence to these requirements. Our organizations invest significant time, effort, and resources to ensure operations adhere to these increasingly stringent regulations. In fact, various Authority Documents call for auditable diagrams to be maintained for compliance purposes. Over fifty diagrams have been mapped within the Unified Compliance Framework.

Read more about which diagrams are already available in our upcoming software.

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Partner Podcast: LogicGate

In just a few months, artificial intelligence went from a fringe technology to full-speed ahead with the public release of ChatGPT. This fascinating technology has the potential to revolutionize how we automate our businesses, but there are numerous reasons to give pause before integrating it into your organization’s operations. On this episode of GRC & Me, Dorian Cougias, Co-Founder and CEO of Unified Compliance and Chris Clarke sit down to discuss the risks and rewards of embracing AI-driven automation, corpora management, data ownership, and the necessity of double-checking everything generative AI spits out.

Tune in to hear our Chief Compliance Scientist and CEO, Dorian Cougias discuss with LogicGate the importance of using AI to stay compliant and learn how to get ahead of specific issues caused by AI.

GRC AI Top 15 Terms You Need to Know

When discussing Artificial Intelligence in today's Governance, Risk, and Compliance market, there are several key terms and phrases that are important to understand. Check them out here.

Upcoming Documents

NIST SP 800-34 Rev 1 (Final) [AD 3566]
BSI 200-2 [AD 3579]
Implementing the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures [AD 3633]

Authority Documents

What's new and popular in the CCH?  

Here is the list of the 50 Monthly Selected Authority Documents, including how many groups and initiatives each Authority Document has been assigned!  

See the list below for Authority Documents published since our last newsletter

IT Security

ISO/IEC 13443, Information technology — Artificial intelligence — Guidance on risk management [AD: 3611]


Iowa Code Annotated, Section 715D, An Act Relating to Consumer Data Protection, Providing Civil Penalties, and Including Effective Date Provisions [AD: 3613]

Risk Management

ISO/IEC 13443, Information technology — Artificial intelligence — Guidance on risk management [AD: 3611]

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