Common Controls Hub® 101: How to Use the CCH to Improve your Organization’s Competitive Edge (Webinar)

September 28, 2018 | Webinar Announcements

Is your compliance process a black hole sucking up time and money? Learn how to use the CCH to cut off the gravitational pull!

Have you ever felt plunged into a compliance black hole? Not fun. Take charge of the gravitational pull in your compliance universe and sign up now!

Do you ever hear yourself saying things like:

“I’m spending millions of company dollars on compliance, but I know I’m only scratching the surface -- and I’m not sure I’m accomplishing anything more than keeping the auditors from causing an atrocity!”

“I know I’m facing multiple compliance requirements, but even though we’re frantically trying to comply, I don’t know how to consolidate them or prioritize them effectively.”

You probably spend time worrying about pouring money down the compliance black hole.  This webinar will give you the tools you need to eliminate redundancy, reduce the time it takes to get the compliance job done, not to mention, I have so many other things to do, while increasing your organization’s competitive edge in the process! You’re Invited! Join us for our "How to Use the CCH to improve your organization’s competitive compliance edge"

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Here is your take away:

How to use the output from the CCH to address TWO critical areas:

Attestations: You’ll learn how to reduce redundancy by:

identifying audit questions that can be used to test for compliance across multiple Authority Documents
Identifying the types of information, you need to prove compliance for attestations

Risk Assessment: You’ll learn how to:

Use risk measurement metrics to prioritize the consolidated list of citations you must comply with coming from the CCH

After the hour is up, you’ll be able to redirect and reassign compliance resources to other mission-critical activities, while understanding just a bit more about the CCH and how to use it to its highest potential.

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