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UCF Professional Mapper Training

Compliance Mapping is serious business. It involves understanding sentence structures, grammar, terminological mapping, semantic relationships, and the rules of term matching set forth by various ISO standards.

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Compliance Mapping Certificate Program

Compliance Mapping is the process of matching one Citation’s Mandates to another Citation’s Mandates. UC Mapper Training is a part of the UCF.

The Way we Teach is Easier than You Think

We use multimedia presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experience, and you will learn the process of compliance mapping, which consists of cataloging the Authority Document (AD) you are interested in.


You will learn by extracting pertinent Citations and Mandates within those ADs and tagging the terms from the Mandates. Then, you will select each tagged term in the definition, map that tagged Mandate to a Common Control, and then match the Common Control to the corresponding Audit.

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To Begin this Training Program

check-icon Each organization must have the following licenses: Common Controls Hub® and a Basic License UCF Mapper®.
check-icon If you don't have a Common Controls Hub® subscription, Sign up for a free Starter account; click "Get Starter Free".
check-icon Upgrade to a paid subscription. Then, you can add UCF Mapper & the Compliance Mapping Certificate Course to your plan.
check-icon Each person who wishes to become a Certified Compliance Mapper must purchase the training course.
check-icon And must have access to the organization's CCH Basic license (3 users).
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The Goal of this Training Program

check-icon Is to prepare compliance mappers to take full responsibility for mapping multiple Authority Documents CORRECTLY and ACCURATELY to satisfy auditors and regulators.
check-icon It is to help simplify mapping so you can achieve governance for your organization or clients.
check-icon When completed, Compliance Mappers have learned to map multiple Authority Documents CORRECTLY and ACCURATELY to satisfy auditors and regulators.

Become a Professional Mapper Now

What are the other benefits?
check-icon Be the professional who watches closely over not only your regulations but knows intimately the requirements.
check-icon Be the professional who takes the extra step to get it done, and makes sure your organization can pass audits.
check-icon Be the professional who knows their audits will be accurate and are legally defensible.
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UCF Mapper® Training

The goal of this training program is to prepare compliance mappers for the responsibility of mapping multiple Authority Documents correctly and accurately in a way that will satisfy auditors and regulators while simplifying governance for their organization or clients.

There are currently five modules for this course, schedule to learn more.

Learn How Adept You Are at Compliance Mapping. 

Mapping & Steps

What is Mapping like?

Discover how our Mappers do what they do. Learn how to separate citations into multiple mandates, link tagged terms to their actual definitions, and match tagged mandates to existing Common Controls. Could you be a Compliance Mapper? 

1st - Introduction

We begin by quickly analyzing the state of compliance today with ever-increasing requirements and audit overload. Then, we’ll explain how the common solution is to try and leverage a standard, even though standards aren’t designed to cover everything. 

2nd - Introduction

Next, we’ll introduce you to the UCF Mapper software basics, terms, and mapping concepts. You’ll learn how to navigate the UCF Mapper software, use the dashboard to analyze data, identify assignments and accept or reject them, and navigate task pages and task steps.

3rd - Mod 1: Citation Extraction

We discuss the six main areas of the UCF Mapper process and define what a citation is. Then, we’ll explore the Citation Extraction phase of the UCF Mapper process, discuss how to copy Citations and Citation References from the Authority Document, and finally define, identify, and enter Citations, Citation References, Mandates and Stubs, and Information Gathering Citations.

4th - Mod 2: Mandate Tagging

We cover how to tag the nouns and verbs of each Mandate in a Citation. Only through tagged Mandates can we link each of the Citations to a Common Control. You will learn how to recognize the importance of machine-assisted tagging, examine sentence structure and diagram sentences to identify primary and secondary nouns and primary and secondary verbs, tag multiple Mandates from a Citation, and select the appropriate definition for a term depending on how it is used in the Mandate.

5th - Mod 3: Matching Citations

You will learn how to match each tagged Citation’s Mandates to a Common Control. We'll cover the various processes of harmonization and advanced semantic relationships, as well as the various cross walking rules and how they are applied during the matching process. Later, you will go through the exercise of matching sample mandates to each other. You will also be introduced to Unified Compliance’s useful Research tool.

6th -  Mod 4: Authority Document Cataloging

We discuss how to catalog a Private Authority Document so your team can start mapping your company’s Private Authority Documents.

7th - Mod 5: Term Submission

We cover the basics of what you need to know in order to submit new term and definition requests to the Unified Compliance team for incorporation into the Compliance Dictionary and Thesaurus.

8th - Practical Application

Each module in the online learning system also has a corresponding practical application project and test within the actual UCF Mapper software application. These include tagging exercises, matching exercises, and a Mini-Mapper project. In addition, students will observe a UCF Mapper real-time demonstration of end-to-end matching, including tagging steps and master matching.

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