Microsoft Licenses Common Controls Hub as First 3rd Party App in Trust Center

October 10, 2016 | Press Releases

Microsoft has licensed the UCF <a href="">Common Controls Hub</a>™ (CCH) for use by thousands of their customers and clients. The digital leader has been the go-to resource for technical tools and guidance for years, but it has never had anything that allows their customers to identify, implement and track national and international compliance efforts. Not only does the CCH give them that capacity now, but it is also the FIRST time Microsoft has placed a third party vendor's product next to its own proprietary programming in its Trust Center, as an equal and valuable asset for its customer's use. We are beyond proud.
<h2>Compliance Has Come a Long Way</h2>
The development marks a significant moment for Unified Compliance. We began creating the Unified Compliance Framework in 2004 in response to compliance professionals who complained about the volume of rules and regulations with which they were required to comply. Hundreds of rule sets containing thousands of mandates created bewildering confusion. Worse, conflicting and sometimes contrary mandates created an enormous risk of error even in the face of exhaustive efforts to meet compliance requirements.

We always knew that a program that reduced the risk of mistakes in compliance efforts would be valuable. With Microsoft's embrace of our technology, we now believe it will be an invaluable tool for the entire global economy to achieve safe, secure, and accurate compliance with compliance regulations in place now, as well as far into the future. We are honored to walk beside Microsoft and move together toward that goal.

If interested, compliance users can <a href="">sign up and try Common Controls Hub for free</a>.