Reinventing the Strategic Vision and Value of GRC
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  • The GRC Sphere is an Industry Benchmarking Consortium where our Members to collaborate with each other to reduce GRC costs and strengthen internal processes and practices.We work together to document Key Performance Questions (KPQ’s) and then measure Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) information such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s). Our Executive Think Tanks, Industry Clusters and Special Interest Group’s (SIG’s) allow you to take an active leadership role for your GRC and Work Excellence (WE) areas of interest, or concern.

    Why we partner with the UCF and the CCH

    Our Member-based organization provides advanced education on the best practices of GRC Configuration Management and setting up Centers-of-Excellence (CoE) for Compliance Management. Our world class UCF software application platforms address key practices areas and span UCF’s Mapper,Common Controls Hub, Compliance Dictionary and API.

    We offer significant dollar discounts for all our Members who apply UCF technological-leading solutions to shore up their enterprise infrastructure.

    Companies that implement a closed-loop control architecture (i.e. an industry benchmarking initiative) can expect, on average, to increase their net margin by 6.8%. That’s huge!

    In addition, by implementing UCF platforms we can help you to drive other significant strategic shareholder value and operational performance advancements across 11 core measurement areas that make up UCF’s core areas of target improvements.

    The GRC Sphere leads the industry in the identification of the top 5 KPI’s and top 10 KRI’s that your organization needs to govern. Let us help you “up your game” by rolling out your own Center-of-Excellence for Compliance Management which will, in turn, help serve these functional areas:

    • Legal
    • Security
    • Compliance
    • IT
    • Records Management
    • Supply Chain
  • Discovery and Creation of Risk Mitigation 
Measures, Processes and Practices

    The GRC Sphere is a global member-based organization, based in the United States, which is focused on helping member firms and partners to discover and create a range of risk mitigation measures, processes and practices. In regard to Compliance Management we help you to develop, implement and sustain the core enterprise-wide processes relating to the Common Controls Hub® and related Unified Compliance Framework® products which are the primary resources needed for managing the risk of non-compliance. In addition, we help you to optimize the use of the Unified Compliance Framework® by identifying Key Performance Questions (KPQ’s), Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s) and Key Control Indicators (KCI’s) which guide and optimize your investment in compliance management. Your firm’s performance indicators can be managed on our two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms. The first is the Cognitive Benchmarking Engine™ for Value-Added-Resellers (VAR’s) and the second is our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Watchtower™ system for banks, financial service firms and now many other verticals which need to manage these dimensions of risk:
    • Compliance Risk
    • Credit Risk
    • Cybersecurity Risk
    • Human Capital Risk
    • Interest Rate Risk
    • Information Technology Risk
    • Insurance Risk
    • Legal Risk
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Market Risk
    • Model Risk
    • Operational Risk
    • Portfolio Risk
    • Reputational Risk
    • Strategic Risk
    We encourage you to opt-in to our newsletter and distribution list at for free and explore an annual membership package. We can answer your questions. Please contact us at or 1(978)456-8253.
  • GRC Sphere Members: Sign Up for the Common Controls Hub!



    Click here to sign up for free access to GRCSphere.CommonControlsHub!

    GRC Sphere has partnered with Unified Compliance to offer an exclusive version of the UCF Common Controls Hub for GRC Sphere members. To help you keep pace with mounting compliance requirements, confidently manage risk, and ease resource and budget barriers, sign up for now! The Common Controls Hub simplifies your need to locate, research, interpret, and reconcile new and evolving mandates. You’ll have free access to a massive library of nearly 200,000 individual mandates from 800+ compliance regulations, laws, and standards from around the globe covering IT, privacy, physical security, records management, and supply chain requirements. With your free account, you can quickly scope, define, and maintain your compliance regulatory demands online, and:
    • Create Authority Document lists in minutes by vertical industry, market segment, and geography
    • Select the regulations you need to follow and all associated Common Controls are automatically displayed also
    • Effortlessly integrate new mandates with existing controls
    • Create an instant gap overlap analysis to eliminate redundancy and drastically reduce audit requirements
    • Reduce GRC requirements to the bare minimum needed to comply
    What took you days or months to do before can now be achieved in a matter of minutes! Sign up now for free access – there’s no time limit, nothing to download or install, and no credit card needed. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can use the free account for compliance research!

    Click here to sign up for free access to GRCSphere.CommonControlsHub!

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      Watch this GRC Sphere—Unified Compliance webinar & let us show you the problems that must be addressed in the work discipline of GRC Configuration Management, the strategic value that is attainable,  & how to streamline your approach to compliance management.

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