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Who is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow makes work better across the enterprise.


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About ServiceNow


Why we partner with UCF and CCH

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Getting simple stuff done at work can be easy, and getting complex multi step tasks completed can be painless. Our applications automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes and tasks, from IT to Customer Service to Security Operations and to Human Resources, creating a better experience for your employees, users and customers while transforming your enterprise. ServiceNow is how work gets done.
ServiceNow GRC is a suite of applications within the ServiceNow platform that provide timely, comprehensive, and continuous information for auditing, reporting, and compliance purposes. By using the GRC applications (Policy and Compliance, Risk, and Audit) GRC professionals create a scalable compliance program based on their organization’s needs to meet internal and regulatory requirements. The addition of the Common Controls Hub content to ServiceNow GRC allows our customers to:
check-icon Manage issues to track remediation or issue exception
check-icon Document and publish policies
check-icon Download and import UCF content
check-icon Utilize controls and mitigate risk
check-icon Assess risk exposure
check-icon Continuously monitor risks and controls
check-icon Plan and conduct internal audits
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Who we serve?

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ServiceNow is a global supplier, with 16 data centers worldwide, and 73 offices in the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Japan. We have specific solutions for enterprises in the following industries: financial services, healthcare, higher education, life sciences and government.

                                                           PARTNER PRODUCTS

ServiceNow Products


NOW Platform

ServiceNow transforms today’s inefficient GRC processes through automation and a deep connection with IT (through the NOW platform and asset-centric approach), to prioritize and respond to real risks in real-time.


NOW Platform

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check-icon Orchestrate Cross-functional GRC Processes: the single configuration management database (CMDB), collaboration capabilities, flexible workflow designer, and automation enables fine-grain business impact analysis, streamlines GRC processes, and eliminates errors.
check-icon Enable Continuous Monitoring: Configure real-time business and service performance data to enable automated controls testing using indicators to ensure risk and compliance thresholds are being met.
check-icon GRC Dependencies Modeling: Using information in the CMDB, illustrate the upstream and downstream dependencies across assets to accelerate business impact analysis.
check-icon Streamline Compliance: The Common Control Framework eliminates overlapping controls, while GRC best practices embed compliance controls into IT and business operations.
check-icon Optimize Internal Audit Productivity: Use of risk data and issues management enables effective audit project scoping and planning, and optimizes internal audit and compliance resources.
check-icon Compliance Across the Extended Enterprise: Use Vendor Risk Management to assess the risk posed by your vendors for 360 degree compliance.


NOW Platform

Enable Real-Time Monitoring: Configure real-time business and IT service performance data to enable automated controls testing and define thresholds as indicators for continuous monitoring to understand your risk exposure. Automate Cross-Functional GRC Processes: The ServiceNow platform CMDB, collaboration engine, process designer, service mapping, and workflow automation simplify GRC processes and eliminate errors. Optimize Internal Audit Productivity: Use of risk data and issues management enables effective audit project scoping, planning, and reporting while optimizing internal audit and compliance resources.  

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Put Unified Compliance to work for you

The Unified Compliance suite of products saves compliance professionals time and reduces manual labor.