Unified Compliance continues to enhance the Common Controls Hub with a newly granted patent.

July 28, 2022 | News/Articles, Press Releases

The prolific inventors at Unified Compliance (UC) have been granted a new patent on Multiword Expression (MWE) detection, the 13th of their patents, totaling 257 issued claims to date. The new patent detects multiple-word noun phrases and multiple-word verb phrases. The UC team leverages this patented technology in their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to automatically identify multiword expressions in various Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) content they examine (Citations, Controls, Configuration Guidance, Roles, etc.).

This patented technology and methodology can identify a more significant number of MWEs than previous Natural Language Processing (NLP) dictionaries and systems because it employs multiple models employing different approaches for identifying MWEs. This effectively puts five or more sets of eyes on each Citation being examined. In addition, some models have their own internal voting systems for making decisions about MWE detection. Using this multiple model approach, the MWE APIs can identify a much more complete list of noun phrases and/or verb phrases. One model even has the capability to flag sections that it deems to need a human touch. "By applying this combination of artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence, our team at UC can expand our current mapping library more efficiently and accurately," says Dorian Cougias, CEO. The accuracy of the new patented process using the combined approach (transformer, noun, and verb chunk linguistic algorithms) increases the reliability from 40.76% to 73.52%.

With this division of labor between the multiple models and expanding the current library, the new MWE detection is also more efficient than previous methods because human interactions needed to intervene when the system "gets it wrong" are reduced by 30%. This allows for faster mapping of new authority documents that are added to the CCH library.

Additionally, this new approach auto-suggests new terms for the federated Compliance Dictionary. When the MWEs detected by the API aren't found in the dictionary, the API automatically suggests they be added and provides the context in which the term was found. This takes the guesswork out of deciding when to add multiword expressions to a dictionary.

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