The Unified Compliance Framework Change Control Process

February 29, 2016 | Press Releases

The UCF is adopting a trimester change control process that affects all UCF product offerings but does not affect UCF content offerings. UCF Content will continue to be mapped into the UCF database and released or updated as documents are added and finished. All UCF products will follow a yearly major release and twice yearly minor release process.

Release and Raw Feedback

The first cycle begins when we conduct either a major or minor release. Each March we will conduct a major software release, followed by minor software releases every trimester, releasing on the first of July and the first of November. Stakeholders and end users can begin using the products and services immediately upon releases and the OEMs can begin implementing changes for those releases.

This also initiates a one month period of direct, raw, feedback from all quarters of our users, OEMs, and resellers. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to formally express their views on the new standards and provide suggestions for changes and improvements – especially in light of evolving technology.

Systematic Feedback Review

Systematic consideration and incorporation of stakeholder feedback is vital for drafting forthcoming versions of the CCH, API, and the UCF structure itself. April, August, and December, we will begin systematically reviewing all of the feedback and putting them into three major buckets:

  • Clarifications – requests about CCH and API usage that may be perceived as confusing.
  • Additional Guidance – identifies a need for further detail in understanding the intent of a data structure, API call, or CCH feature.
  • Evolving Requirements – requests and feedback that outline a particular situation not addressed in current offerings.Clarifications and Additional Guidance will result in the UCF team’s creation of FAQs, training materials, webinars, and other support material. Evolving Requirements will feed the development process.

Documenting Proposed Changes

We begin each May, September, and January with formally documenting any proposed changes to the CCH, API structures, or other UCF offerings. New CCH capabilities, and API structures are drafted based on research, analysis, and stakeholder input.

Documentation will be in the form of flow charts, SOWs for new features, etc. We will route these proposed changes to all of our stakeholders for their further clarification, recommendations, and approval.

Release proposed Changes

Finally, every June, October, and February we will begin coding and releasing the proposed changes to our API and SaaS products so that they are ready for their official releases on the first business day of the following month.