What’s going on with the notifications?

December 24, 2015 | Weekly Updates

As a Common Controls Hub account holder, you recently received update notification emails for Authority Documents, citations, and controls. These notifications are being sent as a result of updates being made to the Unified Compliance Framework® through the new Online Mapping Tool® (OMT).

The OMT is the first and only patented workflow for mapping Authority Documents and Citations to a Common Control framework.1

What’s going on with the OMT?
The OMT was developed to allow a greater number of mappers into the UCF community and incorporates patented technologies and processes to bring new Authority Documents into the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF®). The OMT will also allow mapping of confidential/internal documents, such as policies and procedures, enabling organizations leveraging the UCF to connect their internal controls to the UCF’s Common Controls.

Language is a very important part of our mapping process, and we've been honing our dictionary and mapping structure for over seven years now. The OMT is driven by the UCF’s dictionary, the only dictionary structure and method for interoperating with Natural Language Processors, Named Entity Recognition, and Parts of Speech taggers (we turned to Watson, Stanford, MASHAPE, NLTK, Genism, NATURAL, and more to use their NLP engines). The dictionary is also patented—the only NLP/POS tagging/Named Entity Recognition patent ever filed. Our mapping methodology is so robust it accounts for glossary phrases to have multiple interpretations, multiple spellings, and even multiple ways of saying the same thing.

The benefit of the new system is that mapping is both faster and more precise resulting in more documents being mapped in less time. When publicly available, the new Online Mapping Tool will allow all subject experts, content providers, and other third parties to quickly and easily generate content in a format similar to the Unified Compliance Framework. Since the content uses our database schema—our Framework—it will also work seamlessly across compliance, security, and monitoring tools.

What can I expect from the OMT in the future?
In the near future (sometime after the first of the year) we will be making available for viewing the Online Mapping Tool’s processes so that you can view the documents that are being mapped while they are being mapped. This will give you a direct view into the mapping process and it will allow you to see what is going to be released into the CCH in the near future.

From there, we will be making the OMT available to third parties to add content into the CCH library, and after that, who knows? You’ll help decide where we take the capabilities of the Online Mapping Tool!

1 OMT workflow patent 9,009,197 "Methods and Systems for a Compliance Framework Database Schema".