How to Write Advanced Definitions

There are six steps to follow for creating advanced definitions. The first three steps are the same as creating simple definitions, so we’ll skip these steps in the documentation that follows.

  1. Research the term. If you find an existing definition that you like it, use it (and cite the original author). If not, then follow the rest of these steps.
  2. Determine what the term’s concept is. Is it a noun, verb, pronoun, etc.? Or is it more distinct, some type of named entity? This designation will format your definition’s focus.
  3. Choose the definition type that fits; intensional, extensional, partitive, etc. Then craft the definition to fit designation and subject matter using a standardize format.
  4. Formalize the way you name the term.
  5. Add semantic relationships to the definition to connect it to other terms.
  6. Review your definition with your team and test it.

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