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  • Maclear is a global enterprise risk and compliance company with an award-winning software solution for managing GRC. The Maclear eGRC Software Suite™ is a subscription-based suite of 8 modules delivered under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for the fast-growing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) market.

    Why We Partner with the UCF® and the CCH®

    We formed this partnership to help companies become more efficient, compliant with their industry regulations, and to be risk aware. The partnership with the CCH allows Maclear to take regulatory information and common controls data and map it within Maclear’s software so that assessments and risks can be managed, and actions assigned to mitigate risks within the Maclear software.

    For example, one of Maclear’s eight modules is Policy and Compliance. The UCF provides the best source of comprehensive regulatory and compliance data. Combining the strengths of these two market-leading organizations will give our customers the ability to:

    • Identify, manage, monitor, and analyze compliance risks across the enterprise in a single integrated solution.
    • Automate risk management and compliance processes to keep up with frequent regulatory changes and regulator interaction.

    With Maclear’s capabilities to leverage the data using the CCH API, providing the ability to map controls to several applicable regulations, customers can assess the effectiveness of controls via the Maclear software and immediately apply the results to the various regulations.

    Maclear provides the simplest, fastest and most powerful framework to apply the CCH data to any enterprise, bringing efficiency and reducing costs by doing things once rather than multiple times.

    Our Policy and Compliance module has always incorporated CCH data, first using spreadsheets and now leveraging the new API. We have also enhanced our technology to be the easiest and most comprehensive way to apply the CCH data for any customer. It enables our customer to identify the requirements for relevant regulations and to manage, monitor and report compliance, both internally and externally.

    The principal advantages of the Maclear suite include:

    • It’s easy to implement – our drag-and-drop configuration requires no programming
    • It offers a completely secure environment for vendor assessments
    • It offers a dynamic risk calculator that leverages UCF control data to produce residual risk data that is floated up through the organization to the company level
    • Its reporting is more powerful and comprehensive, yet quicker and more flexible than anything else available in the market

    Who We Serve

    Maclear serves customers in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Our customers come from all industries, with a particular focus on Finance, Healthcare, Education and Corporate Services.

  • Maclear eGRC Suite: Policy and Compliance Module

    Maclear’s Policy and Compliance Management solution provides a holistic integrated solution to establish and manage organizational, functional or process-based policies, standards, and procedures; it also provides mapping to various regulations.

    eGRC and UCF Common Controls Hub (CCH) Integration

    With the integration of the Policy and Compliance Module with the CCH, users can:

    • Establish and manage policies, standards, and procedures, and provide mapping to various regulations.
    • Create, review, and approve policies within a policy management lifecycle.
    • Identify policy guidelines for complying with global and legal regulations.
    • Establish a tiered applications structure for policies, standards, and exceptions.
    • Re-use control attestations to reduce duplication.

    Key Features

    • An Integrated Approach: Policy creation, management and reporting is possible using various levels of workflow in an integrated interface.
    • Control Mapping: The one-to-many mapping of controls allows users to gather attestation results once and apply them to all applicable regulations.
    • Tracking Exceptions and Non-Conformance: Enterprise-level risks can be avoided by identifying policy exceptions and non-compliance.
    • Reusing Control Attestations: Control attestations can be applied to all applicable mandates, reducing duplication.

    With the UCF API, you can integrate the Maclear eGRC Suite software with the UCF Common Controls Hub. This will allow Maclear eGRC to directly access your selection of Authority Documents, Citations, Common Controls, and Audit Questions, as well as give you immediate access to updated content.

    Importing the Common Control Hub’s rich regulatory content into Maclear eGRC is easy! Just watch the video to see how.

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    Leveraging a Common Control Set to Bring Efficiency to Risk Management

    Unified Compliance Partner, Maclear, is shipping the UCF Common Controls Hub content via our API within their award-winning eGRC Suite, a modular, easy-to-use, agile software solution that provides transparency and real-time holistic view of the enterprise-wide risk posture. Attend this webinar to see how the CCH content is integrated, deployed, and accessible within the eGRC software.

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